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Discounts and benefits for everyone!
At only CHF 49 per year
ENI Suisse

6 cents/litre discount on fuel throughout Switzerland

Wefox partnership

Book a no-obligation insurance consultation and receive a voucher worth CHF 100 to use at the many wefox partners

Mirabilandia 2024

Discounted tickets at €29.90 exclusively for MeCard members only

Globe Sailor

Discount voucher for sailing and/or motor boat rental or cabin cruise seats.

Driver AGOM

Additional benefits to all existing discounts and with additional seasonal promotions.

Subscribe to a MeCard NOW

Subscribe to a MeCard now for only CHF 49 per year

Grimaldi Lines

10% discount on sea connections to Spain, Greece, Sardinia, Sicily and Tunisia.


CHF 150 voucher for your next vacation

Large international hotel groups and chains

Large groups and international hotel chains affiliated with MeCard, discounts and benefits to members

Used Cars & Motorcycles

Discount and advantage agreements with garages and large groups for used cars and motorcycles.

Hotel / Residence

Hotels and Residences In Europe affiliated with MeCard, discounts and benefits to members

Splash & SPA – Fit Center – Rivera

Exclusive 20% discount on admission prices and season tickets at special prices